CP Handheld leads the way

CP Handheld provides a suite of inventory management tools that allow timely reconciliation, accurate vehicle summaries, and precise GPS coordinates.

CP Handheld solutions screen shot
CP Handheld solutions screen shot
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Precision Inventory

Precision is accuracy over time. Timing is everything. Use the tools that can get you there.


Operational Efficiency

Achieve higher operational effectiveness necessary to thrive in a dynamic environment.


Regulatory Compliance

Streamline inventory and accounting operations.

Increased velocity

Everyone benefits


Keep a balanced ledger and reduce chances for fraud and audits.

Hit manufacturer goals and bonuses to put more money towards expanding your operations.

Real-time scans and GPS coordinate updates allow employees to plan their route when scheduling scans.

No need for new infrastructure or expanding your IT department.


Clean, well-documented books. No guessing how much is on hand.

Move vehicles faster to generate more sales.

Expand your business to get the most for your inventory.

Lowest possible cost. CP Handheld pays for itself over time.


Locate vehicles on your map with precise GPS data.

Increased searchability for vehicles with tagging.

Reduce guessing on vehicle updates.

Easily print labels from mobile devices.

Edit and update records using Vinpoint Mobile.

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Vinpoint mobile

Work smarter, not harder

The perfect compliment to our web-based solution. Scan vehicles, print labels, edit inventory details, and add tags anywhere at the dealership. Available on iOS & Android.

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Mitigate risk

Active inventory

Vinpoint has scanned, labeled, and organized your inventory. Now let’s take things to the next level. Our Active Inventory reconciliation software uses real-time data to provide an accurate, balanced ledger and critical reporting to help keep operating expenses down.

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Our dealership operates on 30 acres and CP Handheld GPS inventory data is the most useful tracking tool we have for sales!

Ray Snoeblen, Controller, Greenway DCJR Orlando