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Reconciliation tools

Empower your staff with oversight, compliance. and risk management for improved corporate governance, and gain peace of mind knowing you are trusting your assets to the most reliable system ever designed.

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Internal Controls

The reconciliation process is crucial to ensure internal controls are in place.

Our suite of web-based software solutions for the retail automotive industry automates and streamlines vital dealership inventory and accounting reconciliations.

Advanced reporting

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Automatically reconciles data from the physical scan, DMS general ledger schedules, manufacturer reports and wholesale lender statements, and quickly identifies and resolves exceptions.

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Floor Plan

Automatically reconciles wholesale lender floor plan schedules with DMS general ledger schedules and instantly generates a real-time list of VIN and balance discrepancies that require investigation.

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Automatically reconciles manufacturer's report with DMS general ledger schedules to accurately track the timing of sales and ensure manufacturer bonus and incentive credits.

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We are ahead of the curve. Our R&D-driven approach expands the opportunity horizon and broadens our decision timescale ensuring a predictable, proactive approach to product development.

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Our consultation with top bankers, auditors, and comptrollers drives our product value. We continually raise the bar on what has become the industry standard in retail automotive reconciliation software.

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We have built a culture of innovation with a proven track record. True innovation happens when our customers and partners are fully engaged in the process. Our success lies in engaging insights that ensure long-term value.

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Third-party scan

CP Handheld has a full field team to conduct speedy and accurate physical inventory scans. Each team member scans every vehicle on premises including off-site locations without bias. Third-party scans create integrity in the inventory control environment.

Scan your vehicles to provide an accurate on-hand count using our custom QR code labels. These labels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions no matter your business environment. Using your mobile device, scans pop up in real time.